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Do Your Favorite Teachers Have a Sweet Tooth?

Scott Fingeroth, Sports Editor

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Earlier this year, we interviewed teachers in our school to find out what their favorite Halloween candy is. What is your favorite teacher’s candy? Take a look below:


100 Grand: Mr. DeMartinis

Almond Joy: Mr. Jimenez

Baby Ruth: Mr. Gerakinis

Candy Corn: Ms. Coco, Mr. Pisano, Mr. Zucchero, Mr. Reed

Dark Chocolate Hershey Kisses: Mr. Gattus

Kit-Kat: Mr. Ma, Ms. Scrimo, Dr. Weiss, Ms. Speiss

Laffy Taffy: Ms. Ranallo

M&Ms: Ms. Leonardo

Milky Way: Ms. Ocampo, Mr. Grasso, Ms. Prinzevalli

Peanut Chews: Mr. Lella

Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups: Mr. DeGaetano, Ms. Moynihan, Dr. Urban, Mr. Sansanelli, Ms. Damato, Ms. Rojas, Ms. Afonso, Mr. Schleith, Ms. Andree, Mr. Del’Ollio, Mr. Maresca, Mr. DiGiovanni

Smarties: Mr. Sheffield

Snickers: Ms. Germaine, Mr. Owenburg, Mr. Seidman, Ms. Femminella, Ms. Franklin, Ms. Valenti, Mr. Papach

Sour Patch Kids: Ms. Coman

Starburst: Mr. Burtraw

Sweet Tarts: Ms. Seigneuray

Twix: Ms. Metkiff, Ms. Conte

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Do Your Favorite Teachers Have a Sweet Tooth?