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Call of Duty: WW2 Review

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It has arrived. The long-sought return of the Call of Duty franchise to “boots on the ground movement” has finally been fulfilled. On Friday November 3rd, Sledgehammer Games, Raven Publishing and Activision combined forces to create Call of Duty World War 2, this years new Call of Duty game. Taking place in a World War 2 setting, the possibilities are limitless in terms of in-game content, as many aspects such as the create a class system, gameplay mechanics and variety of weapons remained while Sledgehammer experimented with others by featuring the new Headquarters area, a replacement to the “Pick 10 system” with Divisions and many new and innovative scorestreaks. The COD fanbase expressed it gratitude to the developers for restoring the classic touch of the franchise by removing advanced movement.

The main selling point for this colossal game is its return to Boots on the Ground. This refers to the style of gameplay used in the game. For the past three games released, (Advanced Warfare, Black Ops 3 and Infinite Warfare) they contained a system of movement known as Advanced Movement. This term signifies the exosuits and the ability to jump higher and slide which was very futuristic and was appreciated the first time it was introduced, it was despised and drew many fans that played Call of Duty in the first place out due to the sudden and vast change in gameplay. However, this year they have “returned to their roots” and Michael Condrey (CEO of Sledgehammer Games) has said, and no longer use this futuristic movement and instead revert back to classic and normal movement.

The other major features that are highlighted include the new Headquarters mode and Divisions. The new headquarters mode is designed to be an extension of the main menu, but in which you control your character in the third person point of view, and enables you to interact with other players, open supply drops, receive daily orders, practice your aim skills in the firing range etc. It is an open world area, and is praised by many for offering an extension of the game, even when you are waiting in a match lobby for the match to begin. The second aspect that has been introduced for the first time is Divisions. It is a modification to the past create a class system, and enables special perks and advantages that favor specific play-styles and weapons. This can be seen in the Airborne Division that provides a suppressor for sub-machine guns and promotes a faster-past, close quarter gameplay. There are 5 total divisions and each assists the five weapons categories; Mountain Division with sniper rifles, Infantry Division with assault rifles, Airborne with SMGs, Armory Division with LMG’s ad Expeditionary Division with shotguns. The Divisions system that has been introduced allows for more customization and definite play-styles on the battlefield.

Call of Duty WW2 is the latest installment  in the COD series of games and aims to regain. The once strong and supportive playerbase that it used to have before controversial exosuits. As for my take on the game so far with some first-hand experience playing, I can assure you it does not disappoint in all aspects of the game and with smaller weapon balancing. As for the  bug fixes that will come in the future, it may fulfill the developer’s goal of returning many old-time players.

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Call of Duty: WW2 Review