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Kids at Kennedy

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Mr. Graziosi's son, Will, learns about the esophagus from Mrs. Vandergoot's AP Bio class.

On Wednesday, January 10th, we saw not only high schoolers walking in the hallway, but a bunch of little kids, too! Bring Your Child to Work Day is an event put together by Mrs. Ober and her child development class. Kennedy students who partake in this class were assigned to a child whose parents work in the school. During this time, the big kids and the little kids got to do many fun activities around the school.

For example, they got to do arts and crafts with Ms. Albanese and Ms. Roche, learn music with Ms. Pincus, go to gym, and even science! The children loved coming to Kennedy, seeing where their parents work, and participating in these activities. Will Graziosi, Mr. Graziosi’s son, said his favorite part was “playing tag in the gym,” while his sister, June, enjoyed “eating snacks.” Charlie Coco, daughter of Mrs. Coco, reported that the best part was “the lunch because Mommy came down.”

If you ask Mrs. Ober’s son, Daniel, the best part of the day was “making the projects and going to the science room.” In in their science period, they learned about different organs of the body from Mrs. Vandergoot and her AP Biology students. They got to make really cool science costumes that contained intestines, a heart, an esophagus and stomach, and even interactive lungs which the children could to blow up with a straw.  If you saw a walking human body it was probably one of the kids — after science the kids got to wear their costumes around school. The kids really enjoyed getting involved in this activity and many of them didn’t even want to leave. Some may say we have future scientists!

Not only did the kids learn something, but so did our own JFK students. The JFK students got to learn how to take care of children and how much fun it actually was. They also saw how much work was involved in keeping track of many kids. Overall, big cougars and little cougars had an amazing day!


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Kids at Kennedy