JFK’s Wellness Center

The mind of a high schooler is predictably clouded with stress and anxiety—although such negative feelings can’t be eliminated entirely, they can be limited with the right resources and coping skills. The JFK Wellness Center was created to promote the well-being and mindfulness of students, encouraging them to proactively and continually take care of their mental health.

The Wellness Center opens its arms in the Guidance Office on Wednesdays from 2:30-5pm, a convenient time for students concerned about missing class. There will always be a combination of at least three mental health professionals available, including guidance counselors, social workers, and psychologists. In fact, the school’s buffed support system now includes two new psychologists! JFK High School welcomes Dr. Boyle and Dr. Raimondi, who will be among the driving forces behind the Wellness Center.

Aside from meeting with mental health professionals in confidentiality, students can also attend workshops featuring creative activities to help them relax after school. Some possible activities include meditating and making stress balls and string bracelets; student feedback is encouraged for other ideas! The Wellness Center is also a calm place to do homework and studying.

Dr. Boyle elaborated that this is a “place for everyone to feel like it’s home.” It’s a useful setting for students to tackle stress they’re encountering in or out of school, or just to decompress after a hectic day. Come stop by!