Getting to Know Ms. Netto

Mrs. Netto is the new Assistant Principal at John F. Kennedy High School. In the past, she had worked in many of the schools in the Bellmore-Merrick School District.  For sixteen years, she worked at Mepham High School as an English teacher, then an English Chairperson, and then as an Assistant Principal. During her time as an English Chairperson, she worked with many of the teachers and students at Grand Avenue and Merrick Avenue Middle Schools, the Meadowbrook Alternative Program, and even at John F. Kennedy High School.  Ms. Netto has said in the past that she is “proud of the relationships she has been able to cultivate and of the opportunities she and her colleagues have been able to create for the students in the BMCHSD”.

During my interview with the new Assistant Principal, I asked about what she is looking forward to the most here at Kennedy. Mrs. Netto noted that it was our school’s reputation for its academic excellence, and that commitment to excellence matches her high standards that made her excited about working at our school.  Additionally, she mentioned how she is very much looking forward to watching so many more of the school’s programs thrive. One of these programs, the CHAMP Program, had immediately caught her attention, and the students have already made her a convert to be a lover of carrot cake. She cannot wait to watch the Virtual Enterprise students flourish in their competitions and witness the development of our new Robotics club.  Lastly, she is also pleased to have the opportunity to work with the Ambassador Program and meeting with club leaders through their monthly Presidents’ Council sessions. Mrs. Netto is hopeful that she will quickly get to know the student body through all of JFK’s sporting events, curricular, and extracurricular activities.

One of the things she is interested in doing is immersing herself in the culture of JFK.  She said she already admires the level of dedication from the students, faculty, and staff, and is excited to see how she can contribute positively to the school environment.

As a school building leader, she believes that her greatest strengths are her care and concern for the people in our school.  Her goal is to help everyone have a wonderful experience when they walk through the doors each morning. She says, “We accomplish this by communicating with one another, listening to concerns, and making improvements when appropriate to continue to enhance our school culture.”

A phrase that has been one of her guiding mottos in life is “wherever you go, there you are.”  While it seems simple, Mrs. Netto tries to remind herself that it is in the present moment where we sculpt who we are and what our lives will be like.  She tries to make the best out of every situation that comes her way and encourages all Kennedy students to keep a positive attitude wherever they go.