Almost, Maine


Credit to Grunin Center

As we bundle up to warm ourselves for the winter, many will agree the warmest possession we can have is the sharing of love with one another. Likewise, the performance of the play, “Almost, Maine,” by the John F. Kennedy High School’s Drama Club was a spectacle that warmed the hearts of audience members. Headed by Mr. Daniel Sheffield, Dr. R., president Jack Kelly, and stage crew head Ethan Grimes, the show was brought to life on November 30th and December 1st and was a success among the audience members.

The play was unconventional in many regards, one of which being the way scenes were handled. Rather than having multiple characters on a stage at once, “Almost, Maine” opts to put only two characters on stage at a time, with the exception being the scene titled “Sad and Glad.” This was because when the play was first displayed, there were only two actors doing all of the roles. As such, it was written for one actor or actress on stage at a time. The scenes in the play are as follows: the prologue, “Her Heart,” “Sad and Glad,” “This Hurts,” “Getting it Back,” the interlogue, “They Fell,” “Where it Went,” “The Story of Hope,” “Seeing the Thing,” and the epilogue.

The prologue, interlogue, and epilogue, simply titled “Prologue,” “Interlogue,” and “Epilogue,”  starred sophomores Dylan Krapf and Jordan Halper. Their scenes depicted a young couple not knowing how to be open about their feelings, with Pete, played by Krapf, supposedly chasing his girlfriend away with his scientific jargon. Scene 1: “Her Heart” was played by Ethan Grimes and Ashley Romero, and the scene delved into the heartache that comes with a previous lover’s departure. “Sad and Glad,” starring Cassie Livingston and James Casazza, showed the desire of the character Jimmy to get back together with his ex. “This Hurts” was played by Ava Eisner and Jack Kelly, and described the struggles of a man who can’t feel pain learning about why love can hurt. “Getting it Back” starred Emma Tiongson as Gayle on Friday, Gabrielle Levine as Gayle on Saturday, and Dylan Torres as Lendell on both days. “They Fell” starred Casey Ungarsohn and Cassie Livingston, “Where it Went” starred Dylan Torres and Katie O’Brien, “The Story of Hope” starred Daniel Delgado and Blythe Nagel, and “Seeing the Thing” starred Erik Domorad and Gabby Onesto. Each actor evoked ovations from the crowd all throughout the night.

Of course, behind the scenes, the stage crew, headed by Dr. R., Ethan Grimes, and Jack Kelly worked more diligently than ever to create the set. With the auditorium being closed for a majority of the rehearsals, there was very little time to throw together a set. At the same time, the result was more than just satisfactory- it was beloved by the audience and cast alike. The musical for the spring season hasn’t yet been decided upon, but all members involved in this excursion to “Almost, Maine” are ready and willing to commit to the show.