Best Phones of 2019

     When it comes to phones, there are a multitude of options in several different price ranges. The top three models that have gain popularity recently include the Apple iPhone XR, Samsung Galaxy Note 9 and the LG V60. These three flagship phones, models that are the crème de la crème compared to all other phones, have the most impressive specs and most advanced technology. First, with the all-new XR, Apple has perfected their previous X model by giving it a superior battery life and a less annoying notch. The XR’s screen, for example, has a newly bright screen with the aid of OLED. Even with such improvements, many critics complain of the difficulty to use the interface on the XR. While the interface may be arguably more difficult to use, it is undoubtedly a more modern and sleek style of phone than prior Apple iPhone models. If Apple is not your style, then the Samsung Galaxy Note 9 may be the best device, especially for Android users. It has a powerful processor that can run all the powerful software and games. Its S Pen is a new addition that can both take pictures and act as a stylus. However, its battery life is less than respectable and Android is, unfortunately, not as secure as Apple because it is open source. In other words, this may allow for more homebrew security as a compromise. The final and third best option for phone buyers in 2019 is the LG V60. It’s the most inexpensive of the three, but still expensive by general standards, ranging at a retail price of $700. The V60 has the best screen out of all the phones—which is unsurprising given that the display technology is derived from LG 4K OLED TVs. It has five cameras that take stunning photos as well. Unfortunately, this device has mediocre battery life and quite large and bulky. It still is a fantastic handheld and you can save around $175 if you purchase this instead of the prior two choices. Overall, all of these smartphones are great purchases and any of these will satisfy both average customers and tech geeks.