Supernatural: The End of an Era

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Okay, ready the tears: it is official, Supernatural is ending.  After 15 years, the Winchester brothers are going to retire their angel blades and Colts.  

Supernatural actors, Jensen Ackles, Dean, Jared Padalecki, Sam, and Misha Collins, Castiel, announced on Instagram that the much-beloved show would be coming to an end.

It is nearing the end of season 14, and fans are both eager and devastated for the conclusion of this season and the consequent final season.  It is hard to believe because many fans wholeheartedly believed the show would go on forever; not an altogether surprising belief, considering the number of times the Supernatural characters have died and been brought back to life.  

After fourteen years of monster killing, you would think we would know what to expect by now; but no, the show is still finding ways to surprise us.  Unfortunately, the two spin-offs the show tried to launch throughout the years were not picked up, so we know that when the show ends, that will be it for the Supernatural Universe we have come to love so.  It is sad, but Sam and Dean Winchester have been to Hell, Heaven, Purgatory, have fought angels, including but not limited to archangels Michael and Lucifer (stopping the biblical Apocalypse), have raised Lucifer’s son, have killed demons and angels and all kinds of monsters, have been to an alternate worlds, have killed pagan gods, have met big ‘G’ (God), have killed Death, and have been wanted fugitives multiple times.  They have also died and been brought back to life. A lot. It is safe to say, however devastating, there isn’t all too much story left to tell.

Good-bye, Supernatural… we (a really, really large fandom) will miss you.