Do You Love Fantasy?

Some people prefer to read fantasy books above all other genres of novels. I personally don’t enjoy fantasy books, but because I heard such great reviews about Red Queen, by Victoria Aveyard and I thought I’d read it. As I was reading the first couple of chapters, I was fully involved in the whole concept of the novel. There were two different groups of people in the novel––ones with red blood and ones with silver blood. Mare, who was the main character was red-blooded. She lived in a village with her family. Mare’s job was to pickpocket from the more wealthy people but soon hears of a revolt. The reds are planning to overthrow the whites. Mare meets a character named Cal at a festival by her village, she introduces herself to him but she doesn’t know he is the prince. Mare gets called to the castle of the whites to become a servant. But then she falls into the electric field, and that fall was supposed to be deadly. Mare doesn’t feel anything after that fall. The whites realize something is very wrong with Mare. She’s a Red, and she wasn’t supposed to survive.


The Silvers were powerful, and the Reds were forced to do whatever the Silvers wanted. To me that was interesting and I wanted to see how this could change in the middle of the book. As I kept reading the middle started to get me confused. I kept reading since I already finished the first half of the book, so why not finish the second half. I just wanted to see where the concept of the book was going. As I was reading I found that I was not interested in Red Queen all that much. The beginning of the book mainly focused on one character and the story of her background in the Reds’ village. The author started adding too many different characters in the middle, and it got very confusing. But as I was coming close to the end it became more and more interesting. I enjoyed the ending of the novel because it was extremely surprising. When I fully finished the book I was actually happy I didn’t give up on it too quickly. I feel the author’s mood and theme of the novel were portrayed very well throughout the novel also. If you need a good fantasy book this spring, I recommend that you try reading Red Queen.