JFK Homecoming 2019

On October 19th, the stage was set under the lights for football on the gridiron as JFK looked to beat New Hyde Park in the annual Homecoming game. School spirit was at a high on Tuesday as the week began with pajama day. Jersey day was next with peoples outfits ranging from athletes to New Jersians. On Thursday, Kennedy was flooded with red, white, and blue as students and faculty showed their American pride. Friday was game day and students showed off their Cougar Pride wearing their homecoming shirts and other cougar attire. As shortened 9th period concluded, students assembled in the gym in anticipation for the pep rally. The band started to play multiple songs such as “Eye of the Tiger” and “Celebration”. Before the rally truly began, senior Jason Baker sang the national anthem as everyone cheered him on. At the rally there was unfinished business between the grades as the Rock Paper Scissors tournament was coming to an end with one winner. As the final round ensued, Ruby Lapidus bested Emily Moore for the rock, paper, scissors championship belt. After this intense battle finished, the varsity teams came out as cheer and kickline performed their best routine just before the football team came out. Then after school, people came out to join in the homecoming festivities. There was a bull riding station but no class activities from last year such as pie the teacher. At around 5:00 the bonfire began by the baseball fields as Kennedy students, teachers and alumni gathered. Kennedy was filled with people sooner as the big game was set to beghin underway between the Cougars and New Hyde Park. In honor of the football team, junior John Leone sang his rendition of the Star Spangled Banner. As the game progressed, there seemed to be one key player for the Cougars on the offensive side of the ball which was #1, Jason Small. He rushed for the three touchdowns scored by the Cougars that night. At halftime, the kickline, cheer and the band performed once more. They also announced homecoming king and queen which was the pairing of Kiara Stefandel and Liam Orr who were congratulated by a lot of clapping and encouraging whistles.  In spite of the 50-18 score, homecoming is not only a fun event but unites the Kennedy high school to have a fun time and enjoy their Friday night.