The New and Improved Senior Experience


For the 2019-2020 school year, the Kennedy administration has decided to change the way Senior Experience works. Instead of an internship for three weeks in June, students will be doing work experience throughout the whole year. The course is taught by Mrs. Scherer, Mrs. DiGennaro, and Mrs. Zocchia.

The class is set up in a nontraditional way; students will have class three times a week for three periods and must report to their respective internships on the other two days. On the class days, the students meet for two periods, and have monthly meetings with Mrs. Zocchia, their internship coordinator, to discuss their progress. In the class, students will read a selection of books and then learn more about their historical context. This blend of history and English puts students in a position to learn more about culture in a broader sense. Along with traditional elements of social studies and English, there is also a focus on larger issues in the modern world. Students kicked the school year off with an in depth study on climate change, and how to prevent it.

Before starting their internships, students were taught about resumes, cover letters, and interview skills. This insight is important for adolescents to learn; there are only a few years left until they all enter the working world. Since the internships are now taking place over the course of a few months, students have the opportunity to follow a project from start to finish. From local businesses, to elementary schools, to graphic design studios, the options for a workplace are endless, but thanks to the guidance of the teachers, every student in the program is getting a well-rounded education, and a remarkable internship experience.