ASA High School BMX Tour


October 16, 2019 marks a checkpoint in ASA Actions Sports’ High School Tour! BMX riders Logan Place, Jake Hinke, Zach Newman and Trevor Meyer paid a visit to Kennedy High School for a special anti-bullying assembly. Sponsored by the United States Marines, the Kennedy student body were in for a day full of fun and excitement.

The ASA High School BMX Tour’s purpose is to visit high schools across the U.S. and spread awareness to the growing problem that is bullying. Four forms spoken about during the assembly were psychological, verbal, physical, and cyberbullying. An interesting fact told by the host was that 54%-56% of people who see bullies or trolls online do not say anything. Not very fun to hear.

After performing tricks to excite students, halfway through the assembly, BMX professional Zach Newman made his way up the ramp and stopped to face Kennedy students. When Zach was in 6th grade, he wore a pink helmet and had pink pads for protection. When he made his way to the park, all the other kids bullied him for what he was wearing. One day, he spotted an empty space at the park with 13 foot ramps. The ramps used during the Kennedy assembly were 8 feet tall! Zach would practice on his bike everyday at those 13 foot ramps, away from all the kids who made fun of him. Today, he is a professional BMX rider, and he has already won many medals.

Logan Place and Jake Hinke showed off some of their skills on the ramps, too! Trevor Meyer showcased his technical skills on the ground. 

During 8th period, towards the end of the assembly, the host calls on someone to sit on one of the ramps. Mr. Jantzen was chosen. He sat in a chair and was told, “Do not move and do not stand up.” Zach Newman pulled a stove pipe 360 right over Mr. Jantzen. Kennedy students screamed in horror and excitement. Still, the assistant principal was safe.

Towards the end of each performance, 2 bluetooth speakers would be given out to people chosen out of a bucket. Students filled out cards and put them in a bucket, for which they wait until the end of the assembly for the raffle. Students were also welcome to take photos and videos and to tag the Instagram page (@asaactionsports) and to use the hashtag #ASAHighSchoolBMXTour for a chance to win Zach Newman’s bike!