EDITORIAL: A Tribute to Kobe Bryant


CREDIT: wmbfnews

There’s no question that Kobe Bryant had an impact on American society, and some might even argue the world. He was an optimist,  leader, team player, and most importantly a father.  At the Staples Center in Los Angeles, the world paid tribute to the man who spoke to all of us on so many levels. Whether it was through basketball or through talk shows talking about his personal life he made sure to keep us motivated through any challenges we came to face. His wonderful wife Vanessa spoke at the Staples Center in a very emotional speech, thanking everybody for the kindness after his passing. Many others spoke about how he shouldn’t and aren’t remembered as just a brilliant basketball player, but so many other things as well. 

Unfortunately, Kobe passed away in a helicopter crash with his daughter Gianna who was an aspiring basketball player along with eight other passengers. This unfortunate event created hysteria all throughout our nation. However, his death, as morbid it may sound, created a community which we haven’t had, as a nation, in a while. His death brought people together through all the prayers that were being sent to the Bryant family. All throughout social media, average people were paying tribute to his death by raising funds in his honor. Many other celebrities did the same. I don’t think Bryant will ever realize to the extent he touched us as an individual person, impressed us as a basketball player, and made us smile through his relationship with his family. He is so well known for so many things and is an example of a great family man and an ambitious person. 

This article is a tribute to him from me. You were an example for all the boys and men in the world in so many ways. You inspired your daughter, your teammates, your everyday fan, your friends, family, and quite frankly everyone on this globe. You will be missed. You are missed. You are a hero to many and that is not an easy task. However, you have established such power in our country and nobody will ever forget this tragedy. It’s a shame you didn’t live on as much as we all wanted you to because we are all grieving your death. Thank you for being the most well-rounded person we all knew. We love you. You will always be, forever in our hearts, Kobe Bryant.