The Seinfeld Show

Introducing Kennedy's Interim Principal

Katerina Fakinos, Staff Writer

               One of the greatest injustices for my generation is that there is no show on television as good as the Seinfeld Show. Well, we are now redeemed, because we are part of our own story, our show about “nothing:” JFK High School might as well be Jerry’s apartment. Everyone comes in and tells their story with a brief interruption for lunch. Every group has an Elaine, the successful student who is good at everything but occasionally makes a blunter (like the urban sombrero). We can relate, can’t we? We also have a George, perennially misunderstood, an architect of failure who constantly blames life for dealing him a bad fold. We have a Kramer, comes late, violently opening the classroom door, with messy hair and no (home)work; his only job to make us laugh and entertain the group. And we also have a “Seinfeld.”  The difference: our Seinfeld is Mr. Seinfeld, Mr. David Seinfeld.

               Our own Mr. Seinfeld has a job very similar to Jerry’s in the show. He is the glue that connects the group. He inspires Elaine, he comforts George and he, well…, tolerates Kramer. You see, our Mr. Seinfeld wants to bring out the best in all of us.  His job is to make our school successful and the students academically productive. Just like Jerry Seinfeld, Mr. David Seinfeld studied in Queens College where he acquired two Masters Degrees, in Mathematics and in School Administration.

               Mr. Seinfeld always loved math, which he taught for eight and a half years. He was offered the position of Assistant Principal at Calhoun for 11 years, and he even became Assistant Superintendent. The transition to come here was smooth because he already knew the faculty, and he has the highest respect and admiration for Mrs. Poppe. Mr. Seinfeld expressed in our interview that Mrs. Poppe has a wide range of experience for the last 22 years in this School, and she has performed a phenomenal job. Mr. Seinfeld loves our School and states that the gifted faculty exemplifies responsibility and the students are kind and welcoming. This is a wonderful opportunity for him and he loves his interaction with the faculty and the students, but he wishes it was under different circumstances. We all wish Mrs. Poppe the best, together with Mr. Seinfeld who expresses his respect and gratitude to her.

               Our conversation with Mr. Seinfeld would have been incomplete if we had not discussed movies. He loves historically accurate movies, which are certainly stories about something. One of his top choices is Hopscotch with Walter Matthau. Mr. Seinfeld also loves music, especially Tom Petty, the Beatles and the Grateful Dead. What a name for a band!…. Yes, I fact-checked and there is actually a band named “the Beatles.” He had some celebrity students, one of them was Kate McKinnon, who is a star on SNL and played in Ghostbusters. She went to North Shore High School where Mr. Seinfeld served as a principal in the past.

               His hobbies include hiking with his wonderful wife. Last year, they went hiking to Utah, which I hear is difficult, especially if someone were to hike all the way from New York to Utah. All kidding aside, I earned an additional sense of admiration for Mr. Seinfeld, since I also like hiking, but usually I get tired after half an hour. So, I call my version of hiking “walking at the park.” Next summer, if you look for Mr. Seinfeld, be ready to take a trip to the Canadian Rockies, where he will be exploring the natural beauty of one of the most scenic places in the world. I also hear there is a hill somewhere in Long Island if you all want to practice before you take on the Rockies.

               Mr. Seinfeld would love to go to Puerto Rico to support this beautiful island’s economy. He loves baseball and he still plays in a league. When he was in school, he used to be the Yearbook photographer.  He was also actively involved in the student government. He loves sushi, he enjoys his job, and he absolutely looks forward to the graduation ceremony (us too)! He has experienced 18 graduations and “it never gets old.” His inspirations are his amazing mother, a strong and beautiful woman who instilled the values he holds dear. He also loves the examples of John F. Kennedy, Martin Luther King and Robert F. Kennedy. He had dinner with Rory Kennedy, who never met her father, and who spoke to Mr. Seinfeld about her family. Especially empowering was the example of her father, a social justice and civil rights engineer who inspires Mr. Seinfeld to this day.

               The interview with our Interim Principal, Mr. David Seinfeld, was a truly informative and transformative experience for me as well. We all know that life is a journey that takes us to beautiful scenes and narrates amazing stories. We do not know whom we meet and how they will have an impact on us and the world we live in. We cannot predict the future, but we ought to cherish the present. Life is as unpredictable as the moment Kramer will open the door or George will get caught sleeping at work. In this regard, I love our own Seinfeld Show, our school that is filled with funny stories, powerful lessons and future memories. We thank Mr. Seinfeld for his inspiration and guidance and we love every moment of our experience in our beloved JFK High School.