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The Three Big Game Names

James Redemann, Contributor

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The world of gaming technology is dominated by three major industry leaders: PlayStation, Microsoft, and Nintendo. Here’s the latest on what “The Big Three” have been up to:

PlayStation Paradise

As of October 4th, CEO and President of Sony PlayStation, Andrew House, has stepped down after 27 years of service. Working at Sony Interactive Entertainment since its inception, House has been willingly demoted to Chairman for the next year, with John Kodera taking his place.

Microsoft Mania

The XBox One X is Microsoft’s newest and most powerful console, released on November 7th. The biggest problem? The Kinect — More specifically, the Kinect adaptor. Kinect has many games that can’t be played on a regular XBox One, but for both the XBox One S and XBox One X an adaptor is needed for it to work. While the XBox One S came bundled with an adaptor for the first few months of its release, the new XBox One X will not. The XBox One X was released at a price point of $499. The Kinect adaptor, on the other hand, will cost users $39.99. Anyone wishing to have a fully functional Xbox One X will thus have to shell out about $538.99 — and that’s not putting games into the equation, which range from $30 to $60 each. A fully operational XBox One X, plus one game, will cost about $568.99 to $598.99 plus tax.

Nintendo News

In late September, Nintendo released its Super Nintendo Classic Mini, a collection of over 20 retro games from the big N’s first 16-bit console. The only problem is that stocks are low, making it incredibly hard for players to get their hands on the tiny console. This, however, is a problem Nintendo is ready to fix; as of October 5th, Nintendo has made plans to distribute SNES Classics on a much wider scale. As the holiday season approaches, even this increased stock has been selling out quickly.

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The Three Big Game Names