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NBA 2k18 Review

Sean Cohen, School News Editor

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The popular basketball game NBA 2k18 hit the shelves on September 19th. Developers promised new features and creative innovation.  Game modes were remodeled to great lengths. “MyCareer” saw huge upgrades with the addition of its open world park called The Neighborhood. “MyGM” now incorporates a story mode. “MyTeam” surprisingly remained unchanged since the previous game. Casual gamers now can play with Legend and All Time teams in the “PlayNow” game mode. 2k certainly delivered on their hype by meeting what they promised.

“MyCareer” offers new possibilities for those familiar with the series. The Neighborhood now incorporates all MyCareer modes (Pro-Am, the Playground, and NBA Games) into an open world. The Playground was formerly known as “MyPark,” this new feature eliminates loading screens which many say killed the last game. Additionally, new modes have been added. Your MyPlayer can now take part in skill challenges, play arcade basketball games, test NBA trivia, play with NBA players and friends at your MyCourt, and much more. NBA 2k18 mastered their transformed “MyCareer” mode.

“MyGM” and “MyLeague” are two modes in which you can take part of an NBA organization and run the team to success. “MyLeague” generally offers fewer options and is optimal for quick enjoyment. “MyGM” in NBA2k17 put you in the shoes of an NBA general manager and let you manage every team decision. NBA2k18 goes even further by containing an extensive story that is not voice acted. Despite this, nothing is taken away from the story, which offers many different paths. This new creativity in a generally unused feature will succeed in bringing the game more success.

“PlayNow” has mostly stayed consistent but made better. Its purpose of giving the player a chance to play a regular NBA game with no binding to any mode is the same, but they improved the mode by adding historic teams and players. You can now play as an All-Time team. All-Time team are made up of the best players to ever play on that team throughout its history. Legend teams in the game are teams from each current team that succeeded the most.

“MyTeam” is also mainly unchanged. This mode allows the player to own a fantasy franchise in which customization of team merchandise, logo, and players are enabled. People can get players by earning them through challenges, buying them through the auction house, or packs purchased with “MT” currency. “MyTeam” now has salary caps, which are dependent on global usage of the card. Also, some additional challenges are presented.

Although improved upon from NBA2k17, this game had its issues. Developers now have made buying in-game currency (Virtual Currency) a necessity for playing. In “MyCareer,” VC is required to upgrade your player. This year, it is even harder to earn this. Therefore, many players are forced to spend their money to get VC. Another problem is that 2k18 has spent most of its effort improving “MyCareer” and neglecting to greatly address problems from last year. This includes animation issues, bugs, and insufficient voice acting for “MyGM.”

Is this game worth the $60? As a 2k player since 2011, I believe it is. This game brings  users a great experience that divulges them from just playing in the NBA. I enjoy playing this game, and so will people who enjoy the series and newcomers as well; everyone will enjoy playing NBA2k18.

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NBA 2k18 Review