An Unprecedented Hurricane Season


Photo by Creative Commons

Satellite image of Hurricane Maria

Adam Bernstein, Pop Culture Editor

This hurricane season, vicious storms devastated many people and homes. Most of the high impact storms occurred during the months of September and October, and many areas — primarily the country of Puerto Rico, Southern Florida, and Houston and its surrounding area — are still in need of assistance to repair the damage that the storms left.

The breakout of all the major hurricanes started with a very destructive storm, Hurricane Harvey. Harvey, which hit Houston and the surrounding areas from August 25th to September 3rd, was originally listed as a Category 4 Hurricane.  However,  by time it was done storming over, it became a Tropical Depression. With wind speeds were up to 134 miles per hour, it is referred to as the first major hurricane to hit landfall in the US since Hurricane Wilma in 2005, the same year as Hurricane Katrina. The destructive floods which inundated the city of Houston affected hundreds of thousands of homes and other buildings.

The Houston community has been very active in participating in charitable work in order to help support families in need of supplies. For example, JJ Watt, who plays on the Houston Texans, raised over $37 million from over 200,000 people donating money to help provide assistance for families affected. Hopefully the people will continue to be helpful to the Houston community.

Harvey’s destruction was followed closely by the very destructive Hurricane Irma. Irma was recorded as this season’s first Category 5 Hurricane, and it was heading right toward the Leeward Islands as well as Cape Verde. Irma caused widespread catastrophic damage to Southern Florida, with its highest recorded wind speeds up to 185 miles per hour. Up to at least 134 deaths were recorded in the areas affected. Many organizations have provided help to rebuild the community and speed up the recovery. For example, FEMA (Federal Emergency Management Agency) sent over 3,200 staff members which were in response to Irma and were rescue, evacuation, security and support operations. The American Red Cross has also been very effective in donating supplies and shelter for Floridians in danger. The Florida Community has been contributing and recovering from the damage of the horrific tropical storm.

Hurricane Maria was recorded as one of the worst natural disasters to occur in the Caribbean. High speed winds came in at 175 miles per hour and  pounded over 100 facilities in the area. The community of Puerto Rico is still recovering and it may cost anywhere between 16 to 95 million dollars to fix the damage. The storm occurred on September 19th and dissolved on October 3rd. The hurricane caused catastrophic damage throughout all of Puerto Rico. Fortunately, the American Red Cross and many other organizations have provided aid to families and children who suffered from the tropical storm. They have assisted citizens by rebuilding the cities of Puerto Rico and have contributed by donating supplies and the necessities in order to live. The collaborative efforts of Kennedy’s Key Club and Culture Club — with contributions from the C.H.A.M.P. program and AP Macroeconomics classes — also rallied the school in support through its “Baila Con Puerto Rico” Zumba fundraiser, which raised over $3,200 for the Hispanic Federation.

This has been a devastating year for the places affected by these storms. Countless people have felt despair after losing their homes, and it has been hard to get over these ruinous storms. However, people have offered their time to help the people in need and supported them through these rough times. Hopefully, the spirit of charity and community will continue, and people can still raise money to support the people affected by these traumatic storms.