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The Rise of the Hypebeast

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In the world today there are many various interests, such as collecting memorabilia from a sports team or collecting pieces of clothing. One of the biggest world-wide groups is collecting various fashion items from designers to designer brands such as Supreme, Off-White, and Bape. This group is called the hypebeasts. A hypebeast is a person who follows a trend which is in style and a person who wears what is hyped up. A hypebeast collects clothing, shoes, and accessories for the sole purpose of impressing others. This group consists of people from all around the world, from continents such as Asia, Europe, North America and Australia.

Brands like Supreme have developed a huge following over the years: whatever these companies create is hyped up and desired by all people. Every item from chopsticks to a hoodie is sold out within seconds. These items sell out due to the desired and “perceived need” for these items. These items’ demand is driven by the people. Even though the items are overpriced — chopsticks have sold for 30 dollars — people still flock to these goods for the fact that they can resell the clothing for double the price.

Most people into the hypebeast culture are resellers: a reseller is a person who buys the items for retail price and sells them for a huge profit. Reselling is a big part about the hypebeast culture, but there are many debates and arguments
surrounding this practice. The founder of Supreme, James Jebbia, has actually tweeted about how he hates that people resell these items for double the price, and that they are ruining the culture. He followed this tweet by saying that the company tries to provide the best possible prices for its customers. Even though brands like Supreme strive to keep their retail (the price it sells for directly off the brand’s website) affordable for customers, the resale on each item is ridiculous. However, in a world like today where capitalism is heavily encouraged this means buying and reselling is a very profitable business — for the reseller, that is.

Hypebeasts are a rising group of people with people joining everyday, alongside with the culture growing of collecting very limited and valuable clothing. Hopefully the rise of the hypebeast will continue to grow in popularity.

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The Rise of the Hypebeast