Fashion that Sends a Message


Photo by Time's Up Group, LLC

This year’s Golden Globes on Sunday, January 7th were, as always an important event for any film lover. The Golden Globes is also a famed event to gawk at the remarkable outfits all of our favorite celebrities wear. This year in particular, a trend occurred in almost all of the women at the annual event: black attire. This point is noteworthy because along with looking beautiful, they also did this to join a movement. The “Time’s Up” movement was created in part by Mary J. Blige, Allison Janney and many more in order to support women who stood up and brought forward the issue of sexual harassment in Hollywood. The woman who participated in this movement are not only highly regarded by their industry and their fans, but they also all want to raise awareness about this colossal issue. An interesting point is that many of the women who wore black to the awards did not come forward about being sexually harassed, which speaks volumes since these women came together to support a movement that is near and dear to many women’s hearts. It is still debated by many whether or not the black dress will make a difference in terms of the issue of sexual harassment. In my personal opinion, wearing certain colors of clothing will draw attention to whatever cause is discussed, and it will have people talking about why these celebrities did what they did, ultimately having more people aware of sexual harassment.