Save Your Money

I wake up at 6:00 and begin to get ready. An hour later I start driving to school. As I’m driving I see the gigantic green logo and couldn’t resist getting my favorite coffee. I walk in and stand on the long line checking my watch every minute because I don’t want to be late to my first period class. Finally it’s my turn. I walk up to the counter and ask for my drink: “Iced decaf with a pump of caramel.” When the barista asks, I say “my name is Jessi.” Next, I walk to the other end of the counter only to wait another five minutes for my coffee. I finally hear someone call “Jessi,” so that’s when I walk up to go get my coffee. As I’m grabbing my coffee I look at the cup and notice that my name written as “Jesse.” I mean pretty typical, right? Of course, I take a picture of this and send it to all my friends to make them laugh.

As I am holding my coffee I notice something weird: a cup filled more than halfway with ice, and very little coffee. I couldn’t believe it! Why do they do this? Do they save money? Does it make the customer want to buy another? Are they trying to get rid of their ice? Since I was already on a tight schedule, I was unable to complain or get a refund, so I soldiered on with what I had and went to school. By the time I was able to finally drink my coffee at school, it was all watered down, with what only tasted like a hint of coffee. Because of this, I wasted almost six dollars on something I could have easily made myself– Starbucks coffee is not just a waste of money, but a waste of time. I easily could have purchased a far stronger, more accessible coffee from Dunkin Donuts in half the time, but by its popularity, you would assume Starbucks could make competent coffee. My whole day was ruined because of this. My $5.60 was a waste. If you take my opinion on this, don’t bother purchasing this coffee — go somewhere else more reliable or cheaper that doesn’t serve you coffee-tasting water.