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The Three Big Game Names

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Right now, the gaming industry is being dominated by 3 big companies: Nintendo, Sony, and Microsoft. These producers are always churning out new games and technology for the consumers. Here’s what “The Big Three” have been up to.

Sony Scrambles

Since 1998, Medi-Evil has been one of the Playstation’s most popular mascots. Now, the adventures of the skeleton hero, Sir Daniel Fortesque, are being revamped for Playstation 4 after years of being off the shelves. The “Hack-and-Slash” classic will be revived around late 2018 with full 4K support and an HD overhaul.

Nintendo Knockouts

Nintendo recently hosted a mini ‘Nintendo Direct’, where they revealed many new games, and updated us on ones still in development. One of the most exciting unveils was that of Dark Souls: Remastered. For those that don’t know, Dark Souls is an Action Role Playing Game originally released in 2011, and was only available on Xbox 360, Playstation 3, and Windows. Now you can relive one of the hardest games of all time in stunning HD on, not only Nintendo Switch, but Xbox One and Playstation 4 on May 25th.

Maximum Microsoft

The Xbox One was highly criticized for not having total backward compatibility, making many Xbox 360 games impossible to play on Xbox One. Microsoft is attempting to fix this major critique by scheduling dozens of Xbox 360 games to be compatible with Xbox One. Soon, you will be able to play the entireties of Assassin’s Creed, The Walking Dead, Witcher 2, Street Fighter 4, Super Meat Boy, and many more on your Xbox One.

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The Three Big Game Names