Photo by Lorie Shaull

The #neverforget movement began as a hashtag to remember tragic events that occurred throughout history. Social media is a great resource to showcase and reflect on these events. Some events under this hashtag include 9/11, the Sandy Hook school shooting, and many more. The hashtag made a resurgence on February 14th, 2018. It was a response to the school shooting in Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School in Parkland, Florida. This shooting was the 14th shooting in the United States in just 9 weeks of 2018. Both this statistic and the amount of innocent people killed are appalling.

Just hours after the horrific shooting, survivors, as well as people who heard about the event, turned to social medias like Twitter and Instagram to spread awareness about the issue. Because many of these people posting with the hashtag are teens, it drives home the point that teens care about gun violence and gun control now more than ever before. It is important to note that even with it being a little over a month after the shooting, kids still will not stop fighting for gun regulation laws until a change is made.

A difference between this tragic event versus others is that the #neverforget hashtag was only used for a very minimal amount of time to grieve the losses of the 17 students and faculty. Instead, it was used to raise awareness and publicity on the issue of why this tragedy happened in the first place; gun laws (or lack thereof.) Students that survived the M.S.D. school shooting responded to tweets and comments about the shooting, reassuring people that this was, in fact, a gun issue and not about the lunatic behind the weapon. The easy access to a gun in Florida angered many teens, but especially the Parkland students.

It is regarded by many that it was brave and mature of Parkland students along with fellow teens around the world to give a retort for the hate they received for being adamant about what they believe in. Laws on guns are so important in today’s society, and it is a consensus to most that weapons shouldn’t be as easy to possess.