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We Love Love, Simon

Photo by BRFZ1

Photo by BRFZ1

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Love, Simon, a drama, comedy, and romance film, is a highly recommended uplifting movie that inspires the audience to be themselves without holding back. It also exemplifies the fear of not being accepted in society. For main character Simon Spier, a 17-year-old boy attending high school in a suburb of Atlanta, Georgia, being himself is not so easy. He holds back from who he is as he keeps his sexual orientation to himself and bottles it up inside. He keeps a huge secret from his family, his friends, and all of his classmates; he has yet to tell them that he is gay.

Simon’s life begins to change when he meets an anonymous online friend whom he relates to and who brings him happiness and a sense of hope. This anonymous online classmate, who goes by the name “Blue,” exchanges emails with Simon, who soon falls deeply in love with this mystery character, who empathizes with and understands him since they are in the same situation. They both share the secret of their sexual orientation and are scared of the reactions from their families, friends, and classmates. Simon must discover who Blue is, and along this journey, he tries to find himself as well.   

When their emails are accidentally discovered by another student, their secret is jeopardized as blackmail, high school gossip websites, and a scheming classmate stir the pot. Simon finds himself forced to come to terms with his identity, both to himself and to others, all the while hoping to find the identity of his love interest, Blue.

I give this movie five stars because it was truly inspiring and features a strong lead character who overcomes a difficulty much bigger than the young teenager himself. He overcame an individual-versus-self conflict, as well as individual-vs-society. Simon was brave and courageous as he never failed to keep going. Though he experienced shaming for his sexuality, he was never ashamed of it himself. He showed strength towards bullies and didn’t let his sexual orientation be his weakness, rather an incredible strength. I would recommend this film to anyone and everyone because no matter who you are, whether you are Simon or the bullies, it shows you that without love, kindness, and acceptance, there is nothing else left. The movie is uplifting and inspirational while comical at the same time. Love, Simon is a beautiful story of love and acceptance. Everyone should see this film as it takes a new spin on the trite Romeo and Juliet story.

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We Love Love, Simon