Kennedy Courts Have Gone Turf

Recently, Kennedy High School became the first high school in New York State to install turf tennis courts. The construction for the courts were approved by USTA (United States Tennis Association) on the first week of school.

Many tennis players may be wondering how turf might affect their game. Turf tennis courts do bring a lot of advantages which is why there is an increasing demand from many facilities. For example, Turf tennis courts are less slippery in wet weather and also dry out much quicker. In addition, the artificial turf remains smooth and provides true bounce and consistent play. Lastly, an artificial turf tennis court is beneficial because it is more gentler and forgiving on the joints which helps to prevent injuries.

Although, the turf courts are great it might take some time to get used to. Players should be aware turf courts do affect the ball speed, bounce height, and sliding characteristics. However, it forces players to become more careful at managing their training to perform at their best.

Even in professional tennis grass tennis courts have gained popularity. The Wimbledon tournament has been played every year since 1877 on outdoor grass courts in England. It is known as the oldest tennis tournament in the world. A recent study found that players had significantly faster first and second serves on Wimbledon.  

Currently the girl’s team has been competing on the newly installed turf courts and the boy’s will be this spring. Hopefully both teams will take advantage of the new courts and succeed in their seasons.