JFK Homecoming 2018

Original artwork by Jack Korothy


October 12th under the lights. The biggest event in Kennedy. Homecoming. JFK vs Sewanhaka. First off, we started with spirit week. On Tuesday was Pajama Day. Wednesday was Superhero Day, and the loudspeakers played various superhero themes, such as Teen Titans and Batman. Thursday was Throwback Thursday and songs were played throughout the school with a variation of artists such as The Backstreet Boys and Queen.

Friday, which was the biggest day in school and of the week, Blackout Day. Everyone dressed in school spirit and “blacked” out. On Friday, starting at Period 5 the time in periods become shorter leading up to the Pep Rally which is where all the kids filed into the gym and the band played Thriller by the pop king Michael Jackson. Afterwards, the Rock Paper Scissors Tournament Finals was played at the pep rally. Kennedy junior Jake Dippolito bested Liv Kehati to become the new holder of the belt. Then, all the varsity teams came out with the last being the football team.

After that, kids started to come back to the school at 4:30 for the festival. Some things at the festival was a sophomore Instagram booth and the seniors with pie-a-teacher for their booth. After that there was a Kennedy tradition: the bonfire. Every year, we have a bonfire. Then, it happened; the game, arguably the most important part of homecoming. The Cougars came out to Welcome to the Jungle by Guns N’ Roses, but before that, the banner broke! According to several students and spectators, it was the funniest part of the whole event. To start off the game, Kennedy kicked it off, with Sewanhaka fumbling and Kennedy recovering the ball! The game did not have any points accumulated in the first quarter, with the score remaining at a steady 0-0.

As soon as the 2nd quarter started, Kennedy came alive. Matt Jones threw his first of four touchdowns to Tommy Tiongson, making the score 6-0 after the missed extra point. Later in the 2nd, Matt Jones through his second touchdown to Schuitt for another score making it 14-0 after the 2 point conversion. Shortly after, Sewanhaka fumbled again and Kennedy recovered! With this momentum, Jones threw his third to Travagiole making it 20-0. At the end of the first half it was 20-0 Kennedy. During the half the band played Thriller once more and the cheerleaders had a routine dance with the kickline to cap off the halftime. To start off the second half, Matt Jones threw his fourth and last touchdown of the game to Schuitt making it his 2nd receiving touchdown of the day. The score a whopping 26-0 lead by the end of the third quarter. By this time, it seemed there was no chance of Sewanhaka coming back and it proved true; William Dong scored off of a rushing touchdown late in the fourth quarter. As the end of the game winded down, Kennedy forced its third and last fumble of the game and recovering it. The final score was 32-0, giving the Cougars another win to the season.