The Cougar Crier

This tuba player, actor, and video game enthusiast has been involved in his school's Newspaper Clubs since eighth grade. Dylan generally tends to write about articles pertaining to video games, or JFK Drama Club’s various productions. Sometimes, he may reach outside his boundaries and write about something beyond these two topics, but this is so rare that the chances of this happening are less than that of him actually going outside. Dylan doesn’t know what to do with himself-- that is, deciding what college he wants to go to. All he knows at the moment is that he wants to get into the field of game design. He has also shown interest in making the soundtracks for the games he creates, but he still needs some more time to fully make up his mind on where he wants to go. Dylan is far from talkative-- many people forget he is even there at all. This doesn’t bother him, he just thinks it’s funny.

Dylan Torres, Lead Editor

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